We are not “product people.” When we get ready in the morning it takes minutes, the expression “shit, shave and shampoo” fits us well.
So when I was in Boots in Heathrow to buy both shaving gel and balm, because we’d run out on the road, I was taken by the buy 2 and get the 3rd free offer.
The only other product in that product line was an ‘anti-aging’ gel. I grabbed it and went to the till.
I’d never purchased such a thing before but what the hell, it’s free.
I hadn’t looked to see that it was get the one of lesser price free, and that the anti-aging gel was really expensive.
Oh, well. I had it now.

This morning I decided to use it and after turning it over to read the back to find out how to use such a creature, I started laughing. Joe came in to find me, sitting naked on the side of the bed, freshly shaven and howling with laughter. I handed him the anti-age cream and he looked at it and then back at me flummoxed. I’m not that cheery in the morning. I pointed out to him that it was an ‘anti-aging’ cream and the writing on the back was so small that no one over the age of 40 would be able to read it. It was written in white on a black background in tiny, microscopic text.

Didn’t they think about who was going to use this cream and what kind of print would they need to be able to access the information on the back?

We got our magnifying glass, and it was too small for the magnifying glass. So we had no idea how it was to be used. Was this for the bags under my eyes or … well, you get the question.

I mean it was for men, so it really could have been a cream to make your scrotum look young and perky again.
We definitely didn’t didn’t want to use scrotum cream around our eyes. It’s cold outside.

Accessibility ain’t just ramps.

Accessibility ain’t just for people with disabilities.

Accessibility is also for naked men sitting on the side of the bed trying to read exactly where to put anti-aging cream.

And if accessibility includes that, it includes, in some way, everyone.

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