unnamedIn my early years I had so many difficulties making friends.

I was such a loner when I went to school. I was called so many names in the book and my self esteem was low to the ground.

In these early years I was going through many surgeries for my ears and also doing speech therapy for three years.

As I moved into High School I was still having troubles making friends and I was still getting called names.

The breaking point was when I was in grade 12 and I had made two friends that year.


Now has I am older and I have stepped out of my box a lot more I have met my partner Andrew and have started playing many Special Olympic Sports like: Swimming, Baseball, Floor Hockey and Bowling.

In this time Andrew and I have moved in together and have built a great understanding of each other.

Also in this time I have built my support network of great and helpful friends that are very supportive and trusting in my discussions and helps out in areas that I am needing support.


Now as I start learning more and stepping out of the box more in my thirties I feel confident in myself that the support network will never go, it might change with different people come in and out of the circle but it would be people that I am comfortable with.  In my thinking you should live, laugh, and love your supports, friends and partner.


meeting_shakinghandsGoing through all these things in my life were stressful, emotional, and scared because your not understanding why? I find that why is the hardest question to answer.


Today in my life I am successful with my support network, work and sports.

I had a chance of playing at Nationals for Floor Hockey with Special Olympics in Cornerbrook, New Foundland.

I had a great time making new friends and connecting back with old ones.  Our Team BC Team ended up coming 2nd in the A Division.

It was a tight gold medal game and we played our hearts out.  We played the best game of our lives that day.

It was an awesome experience and the people are just so nice and helpful. 2ab8d5a


With all of these things that have happened in my life I am just so blessed and thankful for all who are in my life.

I don’t know where I would be today if I didn’t have the friends and the support network around me.

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