Creating Leadership Programs in My Community
conrad5By Conrad Tyrkin

People like me are transitioning at age 25 from different leadership programs.

I am trying to make a new program similar to Simon Fraser Society’s youth leadership council and summer program.

I like talking about issues that matter to youth. We have learned about how to be true leaders.

Over the years, the older youth have mentored the younger youth.

Some topics have included: communication, transportation, city issues, anxiety, and employment.

Some things we’ve done include the: Let’s End Bullying walk, inclusionBC conference presentation on our council, and learning about self-advocacy. I’ve noticed that there aren’t other leadership programs out there for people transitioning 25 years and older.

Most are recreation or social based. This is a one of a kind youth leadership council!
Two weeks ago, myself and Meaghen met with three City of Coquitlam recreation managers.

We told them about the Tri-Cities programs that my friends and I participate in like: Leadership Council, the City of Port Coquitlam recreation program, Special Olympics, Challenger Baseball, and Cheer Team.

We told them what we would like to see in a new leadership program for 19-30 year olds.

Our wish list included: more leadership programs for people over 25 years of age, more low cost programs, leadership programs support by City staff, and leadership skill development pieces in all programs.
In the future, I would like to participate on City Council, create more leadership groups, help others learn to connect to their community, and build leadership skills.

There are a lot of things in the community that people don’t even know about or haven’t even tried.

I want to learn more about these resources and figure out how to connect people.
I want to prove that people with diverse abilities can do anything they put their mind to!

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