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An Abbotsford man who lives with a disability is taking TransLink to task over the seemingly contradictory tolling policies for two of Metro Vancouver’s newest bridges.

TReO offers a disability exemption for those who cross the Port Mann Bridge, but it’s a different story for TransLink’s Golden Ears Bridge.

Sam Craig, who was injured in a car crash in 2009, relies on the bridges to see specialists on a regular basis.

The trips were costing Craig hundreds of dollars until he realized TReO offers an exemption for any B.C. resident with a permanent disability.

After filling out the forms, he no longer has to pay the toll.

However, no exemption is offered for the Golden Ears Bridge, which is managed by TransLink.

“I feel like they are treating us like second-class people,” Craig said. “They don’t care. They just care about revenue. They don’t care about the people.”

Craig isn’t the only one speaking out about the issue. There have been other complaints made calling for toll exemptions for seniors, those on a fixed income and people with disabilities.

This summer, the tolling system for both the Port Mann and Golden Ears bridges will fall under the TReO system, allowing drivers to pay both tolls on one bill.

However, TransLink will continue to set toll rates for the Golden Ears Bridge and will be responsible for determining exemptions.

With files from Jill Bennett


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