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This law in how it’s written federal government reintroduced Bill C-7. Under the proposed legislation, medical assistance in dying (MAID) would no longer be offered only to people who are dying but would include those who are chronically ill and disabled, as well. This bill effectively allows medical death on demand for almost anyone who wants it.

What this means for people with disabilities is

Instead, of using the resources that health-care personnel, that have to improve our quality of care, enhance our palliative care options and ensure quick access to psychiatric care, our federal government seems more interested in fast-tracking death on-demand and dismantling the MAID safeguards that were put in place to protect the vulnerable. Under this bill, you no longer have to be dying to receive medical assistance in dying, therefore the acronym no longer fits. The procedure more accurately becomes medically administered death (MAD). The message that C-7 sends to those with chronic illnesses or disabilities is that their lives are not worth living and that they would be better off dead. As physicians, we fear that this system would quickly change from one that gives people a choice to die, to one that coerces people to die. It’s pure Madness!

As to signals to disabilities you can get assisted in dying when you’re not dying assumption of you are just have life struggle not having roof over your head income assistance isolation mental health issues but able live so that issue people with disabilities and support services are advocating to protect from assumptions there live not worth living.



New medical assistance in dying legislation becomes law

Thursday March 17th,2021

Govt of Canada website

Krista Carr talks about Bill C-7 on BBC World News


This is a proposed Changes to Canada Medical Assisted in Dying Law


Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD)

On Wednesday of this week, the final vote on Bill C-7 was held in the Senate, with 5 amendments. Some of these amendments broaden the scope of the Bill to include, for instance, access to MAiD when the sole cause of suffering is a mental illness as well as the addition of advance directives. The amended Bill passed with 66 in favour, 19, opposed and 3 abstentions.

You can see how your MP voted here.

The Bill as amended will go back to the House of Commons next week (either Tuesday or Wednesday) where it will be debated by MPs and voted on.

We are in the final days to defeat this Bill. If you would like to reach out to your MP and ask them to vote no, now is the time to do so.

Recent resources:


Joint Statement by Ministers Lametti and Hajdu on court ruling to extend the Truchon decision on medical assistance in dying 

Statement February 25, 2021




PRESS RELEASE: Government stops debate, rams through sweeping changes setting back disability rights on the anniversary of Canada ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
For Immediate Release
March 12th, 2021
Ottawa, ON – Last evening, the Government of Canada recklessly pushed through Bill C-7 (an Act to amend the Criminal Code – medical assistance in dying) for debate and forced it to a final vote, on a day when it should have joined people in Canada in celebrating the 11th anniversary of the ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
If Bill C-7 becomes law, it would introduce assisted suicide as an option exclusively for people with disabilities and disabling medical conditions who are not dying or near death. Recently, three United Nations experts wrote a rare critique to the government, arguing that the bill is dangerous, discriminatory and that legislators must explain to the UN and the world how Bill C-7 does not violate the rights of people with disabilities contrary to the UN Convention. The government has yet to issue any response to the UN letter.
Inclusion Canada’s Executive Vice-President, Krista Carr, is appalled by the government’s timing. “Of all days. Does the government really not care for the lives of people with disabilities? Do they understand what message they are sending to our community and for that matter every Canadian? To stop debate and force a vote on this discriminatory legislation on the very day we should be celebrating the rights of people with disabilities is unacceptable. The government’s disrespect to persons with disabilities on a matter of life and death – shows no bounds. Their actions set us back decades and will further entrench disability-based discrimination in this country.”
Last evening the House of Commons passed the Government’s response to the Senate amendments to Bill C-7 by 180 votes in favour to 149 against.  The Bill now moves back to the Senate for further consideration.
Robin Acton, President of Inclusion Canada added, “Along with the more than 150 organizations representing people with disabilities who oppose this Bill, we will continue to fight for people with disabilities to be equally valued in every respect. The government, in refusing to listen to the voice of people with disabilities, has forever tarnished Canada’s standing in the world as a voice for human rights and equality. Bill C-7 amounts to systemic violence against an entire Charter protected group of people.”
– 30 –
Media Contact: Marc Muschler, Senior Communications Officer, Inclusion Canada,
Inclusion Canada is a national federation of 13 provincial-territorial associations and over 300 local associations working to advance the full inclusion and human rights of people with an intellectual disability and their families. We lead the way in building an inclusive Canada by strengthening families, defending rights, and transforming communities into places where everyone belongs.

This on inclusion Canada website go the link here

Disability Rights Community Demands Feds Kill Proposed Amendments to to Medical Assistance in Dying (C-7) Bill
WINNIPEG, February 24, 2021–People First of Canada is urging members and concerned Canadians from coast to coast to immediately contact their Members of Parliament to demand that proposed changes to Bill C-7, Canada’s medical assistance in dying legislation, be killed immediately.
People First has added its name to an open letter from the disability rights community asking Members of Parliament to stop and think about the deadly consequences of a discriminatory bill that devalues the lives of people with disabilities.“We spend our lives fighting to be heard and included as equal members of society. In its current form, this bill makes it easier than ever to cancel us out. Together we will fight to the end to kill the bill. It’s not too late,” said Kory Earle, President of People First of Canada.
The open letter explains the issue with the recent amendments:“Bill C-7 sets apart people with disabilities and disabling conditions as the only Canadians to be offered assistance in dying when they are not actually nearing death. This core feature of the Bill is not widely understood, even among Canadian parliamentarians, with the result that many may find themselves supporting a Bill without grappling with its implications. As it stands, Bill C-7 is dangerous and discriminatory.”

People First strongly believes that disability should not be a criteria to give a person access to medical assistance in dying.People First of Canada Executive Director Shelley Fletcher says the unintended consequences of this bill could be deadly to Canadians with disabilities and an attack on their human right to self determination.“We can’t let this happen. Please act now. Send an email, make a phone call, tag your MP in a social media post. Let’s fight this,” Fletcher said.

People First of Canada joins the disability community and concerned citizens online on Facebook and Twitter, using #killthebill to bring greater awareness to the issue.The debate continues this week in the House of Commons. -30-Media Contact:Toby McCraemccraecommunications@gmail.com204.770.4234About People First of Canada People First of Canada is the national voice for people who have been labeled with an intellectual disability.

We are about rights –human rights, citizenship rights, accommodation rights, and language rights. We believe in the right to freedom, choice, and equality for all.We see ourselves as self-advocates and full citizens of our country –living equally in the community. We see ourselves as people first, and as people who have taken back control of our lives from families, policy makers and professionals such as support workers, doctors, social workers, and others, who, for far too long, made decisions for us.

This on People First of Canada Website go the the link here


The Right To Die Is Coercive Without Giving Support To Live

Here is today Federal Govt,s of Canada justice Minister David Lametti announced voted in favor on Assisted in Dying Bill be sent to senate December 10th,2020

This not good for people with disabilities as bill reads still exnoring it


Here is the official Medical Assisted in Dying Legislation

 This from Life worth living document

Here you can go to website called  Dying With Dignity Canada

PETITION No to Bill C7. DO NOT Eliminate “Reasonably Foreseeable” Death Requirement for MAiD


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Disability rights advocates urge Senate to reject medical-assistance-in-dying bill – Feb. 8, 2021


Here is a video from Inclusion Canada Executive Director Krista Carr she appears before the Justice Committee regarding Bill C-7

Standing Committee on Justice & Human Rights. Catherine Frazee, November 10, 2020





Institutionalized or Dead | Learn About Bill C-7 and Disability (Medical Assistance in Dying)



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