She was little

She saw me and smiled
She pointed to me
Her little finger traced a circle in the air
Eyes seeing the wheel of my chair
Now she stops.
And looks
Really looks at me
At my chair
She is in the smallest
and tiniest
wheelchair I have ever seen
It is pink
She pulls at her mother’s dress
Mother is busy at the check out
and brushes her hand away
I slow down
I see her seeing me
I see her fascination
Someone who rolls
Like she rolls
Mother turns as I go by
Tiny hands reach towards me
Wanting me to stop
She’s not done
Seeing me
Mother apologizes
Pulls her chair back
She can’t reach me any more
I say that its okay
That it’s nice to meet
Such a lovely
Member of my community
What community is that? I am asked
The disability community, I answer
There is no such thing
Mother says
She is not her disability
She is much, much more
I say
Because I must
She has a disability
And her community
Will help make her
Much, much, more
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