wants to  inform self advocates to get out vote. Its The general local elections in British Columbia are on October 20, 2018.

that means is that your local communities like city halls you be voting for a Mayor and Councils and to School Trustees.

Make sure you go to an All Candidates Meetings in BC.

Hear what candidates are saying and participate in democracy As well the Purpose to educate self advocates with disabilities when you vote.

The intent of this is to give information where what need to know  when ask candidates a question on issues relating for disabilities

what out there i try to find k stay tune as i update this page

be intent of getting out and vote opportunity to voice your concerns

get ready to vote this instructional videos was done by election bc go to link here

Election B.C has Learning About Elections click here

Voters with Disabilities

Elections BC is committed to improving accessibility to the electoral process for all eligible voters in B.C.

Election officials are trained on how to help voters with accessibility challenges, and services are available to help voters with disabilities vote.

Go to this link get details on need help with voting click here

List of candidates in the 2018 General Local Elections


Check the Election BC website all this see here click here


Also can  check on other places you can get coverage of

General Local Elections – Province of British Columbia

Inclusion  BC  has information for people with disabilities about municipal election 2018. click here







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