I took a 3 day PATH course in February this year; this will be a two – part story.  The first part will be, me describing the course. 

The second part will be on the 3 free PATH’s that I will be doing for the people in need of a PATH. PATH is about Person Centered Planning. 

Where a person makes goals for the next year or two and has it drawn out for them.  My experience will grow after the course as I get more skills to do this. I am looking forward to doing PATH’s and getting out in the community to give back.

I hope this will turn into a second payed job after the course.  The course I took was with Shelley Nessman and Sheldon Schwitek.  At the course we did “mock” practise PATH’s, we got into different groups 3 times.  One person would be a graphic facilitator, one person would be the PATH finder and one person would just facilitate.

A graphic facilitator is the person who will draw the pictures of your life and activities. 

A facilitator is the person who will lead the PATH. A PATH finder will be the person who the PATH is created for and they will be talking about their goals and their future.

I have to be honest it was challenging for me, but I overcame my fears because of really great teachers. 

Everybody in the group helped each other out and I liked all the laughing and sharing of stories about our personal lives.  No one was judgemental in either group.  There were a lot of patience and happiness in the group which gave off so much energy!

By doing this type of work, I feel like it is not work at all.


Thank you for reading my story! Stay tuned for the second part.

Cheryl Fryfield


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