Sometimes being a person with diverseability is hard and you all have my support.Let me tell you about being someone with a high functioning invisible diverse ability, it is twice the work and double the mental concentration. Let me explain…

I feel that sometimes when a diverseability is very visible and apparent or very noticeable, these types of diverse abilities can lower people’s expectations and therefore society doesn’t tend to ask very much besides their best.

In my experience when you have an invisible diverseability that people tend to not see, they expect the world out of you and have incredibly high standards and expectations of you. When you don’t meet these expectations people tend to not understand why.

I have Pervasive Development Disability (PDD) This is almost like living a double life, the so-called “normal” people expect you to work at a normal pace and a normal speed (physical and mental) , and the diversity of people want you to fit in with them so they can feel more connected and so they have one more advocate.Here is my daily battle just to keep up with life…I have to actually tell myself to do everything. Things that come normally for everyone else I  have to think about…

Example: (eating)Brain: OK do you have a fork? Me:  Yes. Brain: Good now take your hand and wrap your fingers around the long end of the fork. Me: OK, now what? Brain: Now pick it up and bring it to your mouth. Now place it in your mouth, then wrap your mouth around it and slide it out.

Me: OK, now what? Brain: OK, now move the arm and the fork down to the plate and do that over again while chewing. Me: OK Now imagine everything and I mean everything being like that. So when you’re pleasing one side you let the other side down, you don’t win no matter what you do.So if someone is having a bad day or having issues in life, please take the time to listen, to tell a joke or hug them.  Sometimes all you need is acknowledgement.

Written by Jen Deakin



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