Sheenagh MorrisonBy Author Sheenagh Morrison


At the end of February the NDP critic for the Ministry of Social Development, Michelle Mungall, gave me a call to find out how I was feeling about the bus pass issue.  We had a conversation and I told her my story.

On the following Tuesday I went to question period at the legislature for my first visit this year. This is where Michelle Mungall told my story. She said: “I have sheenagh Morrison here today and she needs the bus pass to get around. She has no other choice for how she gets around in her community.”

I then heard Minister Stilwell speak. She was saying lies.  She said that I didn’t know what I was talking about and I didn’t understand what was going on.

Michelle Mungall said back: “Sheenagh knows what’s going on in her own life.”

The next day was the first rally and I spoke at it.  I shared my story again and John Horgan, the leader of the NDP party, spoke at it as well. Michelle Mungall said what the government is doing with the bus pass is wrong and shameful.

Then I went inside for my second visit to question period. John Horgan spoke about the rally.

The following week I went back to the legislature and helped hand in the petition. I spoke there as well.

I went back inside for a 3rd question period where Michelle Mungall introduced me and my story again.

It’s been a frustrating and interesting journey hearing all the lies. Especially when we know and understand what’s going on with the bus pass.  We know that the government said we were getting an increase on our PWD cheques, and then took it back by taking away our bus pass and making us pay for it.

My advice to all self advocates is to out there go see your MLA and get your voices heard. You do you know and understand what is going on in your own life and you do know that the government is treating us unfairly.


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