Hi  my name is Bryce Schaufelberger.

I had an opportunity to participate in a group called Cycling for Diversity.  This Group is promoting awareness of anti-bullying, inclusion and anti-racism.

We went out on a bike ride to 6 schools in a 2 days in 6 different communities.  Ken Herar  is the founder for Cycling for Diversity he lives in Mission B.C,

Cycling for Diversity started in 2011 with Mike Bismeyer who was a high school friend of Ken’s, that he joined with Ken Herar to start Cycling for Diversity.

I met this group back 2 years ago. I met Ken on Facebook, chatting about who I am and what I do.

Then I met him in person at his house,I received a t-shirt with it  Cycling for Diversity.

Ken encouraged me to join the group because the group was welcoming to the disability community and that got me interested.

I met a lot of students from all schools we went to. The one that got most attention was at Mission French Immersion School. A student was asked what diversity meant to him.

The student said “opportunities” which got the loudest ovation on our visits to schools.

We went all the way to Burnaby, New Westminster, Surrey, Abbotsford Matsqui and Mission. We did not cycle all the way on our bikes to all communities .

We took vehicles instead and parked them a block away from schools .  Then we rode on our bikes to the schools. We were able to ride our bikes into some of the gyms in the schools.

Then when the ride was over, we had a wrap up night: Free food, prizes and guest speakers came and concluded the event at Mission Leisure Centre.

The finale featured several guest speakers including Kal Dosanjh of the Vancouver Police, Mike Bismeyer, who spoke on behalf of United Against Bullying and Kristine Heinrichs, she recently placed coloured rice bags on Abbotsford driveways in an attempt to counteract recent KKK activities.

The main speaker was former white supremacist Tony McAleer.

I am a self-advocate for “People with DiversAbilities”.

I live in Mission B.C. I been with Mission Self-Advocacy Group for 23 years and currently the President.

The group is about Self Advocates with DiversAbilities advocating for their rights and other issues that are affecting self-advocates to be included in community.

My other role is the manager of a website called selfadvocatenet.com. Its purpose is information sharing for people with DiversAbilities.

Anyone who has a disability can be vulnerable and, knows that the treatment from abuse, neglect, teasing, bullying and racism can influence them to do bad things.

My message please anyone that knows a friend who has a disability, treat them respectfully, and accommodate them if they are in wheelchairs and, help them to get around.

Say hi to them and see how they are doing. Your heart goes a long way in helping one another for those with DiversAbilities.


Remember the Golden Rule

Do to others as you would have them done to you.

Written by Bryce Schaufelberger


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