By: Sue McGinness


Hello my name is Sue and I live in Victoria, BC.

I work as a dishwasher at the restaurant at the Bay department store.

Today, I would like to tell you about how I got involved in Special Olympics. First let me tell you about how it works.

There are 4 levels of games in Special O- Regionals, Provincials, Nationals, and Worlds.

If you live in Victoria like me, the regional games are held on Vancouver Island.

For the Provincial games you go anywhere in B.C., and the Nationals are anywhere in Canada, the Worlds are anywhere in the world.


I first heard about Special O from a friend.  I went to watch her play. The sport she played was softball.  I decided to join in 2002 and play softball too.

I could not go to Regionals that year because it was my first year.   Now, I also do bowling.


In 2006 I competed in the Nationals for Special Olympics, for softball.  The Nationals that year were held in Brandon, Manitoba. I made lots of friends.

It was lots of fun and hard work .We went to the gym 3 times a week. You have to practice really hard.  The coaches are tough.


I love everything about Special Olympics. It gives me a chance to compete, make new friends, and be with people I have something in common with.

It keeps me active and healthy. I love that I can travel as an athlete. I have a lot of fun.

The coaches are fun too and make me laugh and are really nice and helpful .


When I’m not at games or practice, I like to work, go for coffee with friends, and walk out the breakwater with my friend, Sheenagh.






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