On March 28th, 2018, I went to my first CLBC Editorial Board meeting as a guest. It was amazing and I really liked it. I learned a lot from it, and I will continue to learn a lot more from future meetings. Seeing what the board does for CLBC is impressive.  Watching people use their own voice to make changes is something I do when I make music and the board is no different.

When I met the board members I truly thought they were amazing, very intelligent, and they spoke their minds, as for myself I did the same. Even though for some members this was their last meeting, I would like to say that it really felt like I had known them forever. Even if I had just met them, being welcomed by them and by others at the meeting was amazing.

I learned a lot and I spoke my mind quite a bit while giving ideas and brainstorming with the board members.  To end it off I was honoured that I got to perform one of my songs for the board members before we departed from the meeting.  It was really amazing and I hope that it inspired everyone. I am grateful and honoured that I am a part of the board.

If it weren’t for Frankie Abel, I’d never know anything about the board. I thank Frankie and Jessica for bringing me to the board, I appreciate it a lot.

Thank you for reading,

Sam Green

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