CaptureI was born in Quesnel, but I moved around a lot. I attended high school in both Nelson and Nakusp.

Since I graduated high school I spent time in Nakusp and Grand Forks.
When I was in school in Nelson I was in Middle School.

I didn’t get to do everything that everybody else got to do because of my learning disability.

It was the same in Nakusp, but Nakusp was high school.

I liked being in Drama and woodwork class. I didn’t like everything else.
After I graduated from Nakusp Secondary School I thought “yay” I don’t have to go to school anymore.

I applied for disability. I had help, to get it from my mom and a social worker that we had.

Since high school I have had the hobby of photography. I got a camera and I took a lot of pictures in my spare time.

I realized I was good at taking pictures and I would like to get into photography.
Two to three years after school, I realized that I needed to do something with my life. So I decided to go to the college in Nakusp.

I had a friend come with me to the college to help me to get started. I started out just upgrading in Math and English.

I walked and rode my bike to and from college. I like my time at college. I enjoyed the instructors; there was nothing I didn’t like.
In 2014 my mom and I moved to Grand Forks because of family.

Then one day I went to community futures and they referred me to Sunshine Valley Community Services.

They helped me get a job. I also joined Special Olympics. In September of 2014 I became a full time college student here in Grand Fork.

I like being in college.
Now I have new friends and people to support me in my everyday life here in Grand Fork.

Grand Forks is good place to be for me. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be.

By Sara Doherty.

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