Some caregivers come into your life and some leave.

This is a story about a caregiver that stayed. I had a caregiver who came into my life and has stayed in my life.

She has helped me when I was really sick to making me feel happy again.

I am thankful for caregivers in my life. They help us out and that means the world to me.


Good caregivers are kind, caring, sweet, and helpful. One caregiver came into my life, then out, then in again.

And when she left again I got a new caregiver. I am thankful for her because she has made me feel safe and loved.

She makes me feel happy when I am down. She shows me right from wrong.

She teaches me how to save money and be able to go on trips. Caregivers put us first before anything and try their best to help us when we need help.

The caregiver that is in my life now has always treated me with respect and has always helped me out. I am thankful for caregivers and I would be lost if I didn’t have a caregiver.


I love to hang out with my caregiver. We go shopping, for walks and she takes me to the dance.

We go for lunch and dinner and she takes me to hang out with my friends and my boyfriend.

When I am sick she comes over to hang out with me and gets me well rested and looks out to make sure I am ok.


The point of my story about caregivers is I am thankful for all the caregivers in my life and I am thankful they help me out when I am feeling low or just not myself.

So please treat your caregivers with respect.



By Shannon Lebrun

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