My name is Bev Johnson. I was born and raised in Nelson BC. I am very active in the community and has held many different jobs as well as taken a course at Selkirk College in the cooking program which has led me to the current position at a hot lunch program provided by a local church. At this location I have many different jobs including dishes, laundry, making salads and desserts. I also keep myself busy by doing paper routes and house sit for my neighbor which also includes doing yard work. I am also an avid gardener helping my mom with the joys of planting and maintaining the garden.

I enjoy being able to control the way I live my life. I live independently in my own place with my cat Princess. Paying the bills and keeping a roof over my head gives me the ability to make my own decisions of what happens under my own roof. Being independent gives me a sense of belonging.

Self-advocacy to me means having the chance to tell people my life stories and the challenges that I have had to over come and experience while growing up and what I have accomplished now. I love to travel to other towns and spread my stories throughout the province and meet new people.

I am very active in the community. I am a dependable asset for my job placements picking up shifts to cover fellow workers when needed. I attend many advocacy meetings giving me the ability to share my ideas and opinions.

I am very excited to be telling me story for everyone to read and am looking forward to being a shiny star for all to see.

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