IMG_0145Hi. My name is Cheyenne and I am 16 years old. I went to two different camps this summer.

One was Easter Seals camp. This is a camp where you go if you have a disability. This camp supports your needs and helps you feel good about yourself.

We went swimming in pool and in the lake. We do crafts and singing and dancing and jumping on the trampoline.

There was great food and lots of it!The second camp I went to was called YES Camp. This camp was for everyone. When I registered they did not know I had a disability.

We swam and took canoes out on the lake. We did group activities where we learned how to open up and share our feelings and tell stories about ourselves.

We all had a special friend at YES camp. We didn’t get to know who our special friend was until the end of camp. IMG_0209

We wrote a note and gave them a picture at the end of camp to show them that we care. The food was good and lots of it too!

I enjoyed both of these camps. They made me see myself in two kinds of people. Both camps made it ok just to be me. Even though I am different, I don’t have to tell everyone.

They can treat me as me. I hope to go back to both these camp next year so I can make more friends and learn something about me that I will use sometime down the road.

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