is in support of National Accessibility week of May 29-June 4, 2022

This page highlight the positive changes in disability community we have come far of

and to issues we need work on.

What is National Accessibility Week

National AccessAbility Week (NAAW) takes place every year starting on the last Sunday in May. It is a time when accessibility and inclusion is promoted across communities and workplaces and a time to celebrate the contributions of Canadians with disabilities.

Message from the Minister

Minister Qualtrough launches the National Accessibility Week 2022

The Theme is this year Inclusive from the start




On May 29th, Canada will kick off our sixth annual National AccessAbility Week.

One in five Canadians have a disability. National AccessAbility Week is a time to celebrate the rich talent and contributions of persons with disabilities in Canada.

It’s a moment to lift up the individuals, organizations, and communities that are doing the work to remove barriers, and make this country more inclusive.

The theme for 2022 is: “Inclusive from the Start.” We want you to imagine a Canada where no one is left out. Where disability diversity is sought out and celebrated, and the needs of everyone are considered from the beginning.

A Canada where we are disability inclusive from the start.

That’s the Canada we deserve. That’s the Canada we are creating – for everyone.


And together, we are getting there. In 2018 our country took a huge leap forward, with the Accessible Canada Act.

[Throughout this sequence, while the Minister speaks, a video plays in the background. The video footage includes a woman sitting and working in front of her computer; a young man sitting on a couch folding clothes; a woman on a wheelchair in her kitchen giving food to her dog; an office setting with multiple work stations with a woman wearing a mask sitting at one station with a man standing working at another and a woman on a mobility scooter leaving the room; another woman wearing a mask on a mobility scooter in an office corridor; a young man wearing safety glasses and gloves, working in a factory holding an electrical circuit board; a man standing behind a desk speaking to a man on a wheelchair; the man on a wheelchair in a communal room is handing snacks to a young girl standing; a young woman working in a factory stacking boxes] [The Minister continues her speech.]

We’re making sure the measures and rights outlined in this Law become a lived reality for Canadians. The first set of regulations under the Act came into force in 2021.

This spring, we appointed Stephanie Cadieux as the first Chief Accessibility Officer and Michael Gottheil as the first Accessibility Commissioner to the Canadian Human Rights Commission in April.

[For the following sequence, while the Minister speaks, a video plays in the background. The video footage includes a woman working in a grocery store arranging the meat fridge; a woman in a retailer storage room stacking empty boxes; a man wearing dark glasses, sitting and working in front of his computer; a man walking down an aisle in a storage room, he piles empty boxes on the shelves, zooms in on him folding a plastic laminated poster on a table; a woman working at a reception desk in a car dealership; a man on a wheelchair working in a home improvement retailer and filling shelves in various departments; a woman making sandwiches and preparing ingredients in a fast food restaurant; a woman sitting and working in front of her computer with a woman on the phone in the background; a man on a wheelchair uses assistive technology and points with his mouth to access his mobile phone; a woman cleaning furniture.]

There is so much more to do to ensure persons with disabilities have the same rights, opportunities, and quality of life as every other Canadian.


Soon, we’ll be releasing Canada’s first ever Disability Inclusion Action Plan – a blueprint for change to make Canada more inclusive of persons with disabilities.

The Action Plan has four key pillars: financial security, employment, inclusive communities, and a better process to assess eligibility for Canadians with disabilities for federal programs and benefits.

Because when persons with disabilities have the same opportunities to contribute to their communities, the same quality of service from their government, and enjoy the same quality of life as everyone else, our economy is stronger and our country is better. That’s the Canada we want.

And we’re not doing any of this alone. In the spirit of Nothing Without Us, everything we do is developed and implemented in lock-step with the disability community.

It is the relentless advocacy and groundwork of this community that has made all this progress possible.

And that’s who this week is really about. The Canadians who are making this country more inclusive, and those who are making our country a richer, more vibrant place in spite of the barriers they still face.

[The Minister continues her speech.]

So this National AccessAbility Week, let’s celebrate our community and keep working to build a country where persons with disabilities are not just accommodated but included.

We can do better. We can create a country that is a disability inclusive from the start. That’s the Canada I want for all of us.

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May 31st, 2022



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Victoria Sunday, May 29, 2022, 9:30 AM

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