What is the purpose of a Self-Advocacy Group?

The purpose of The Nelson Self-Advocacy Group is to encourage people with disabilities to take more control over their own lives, make their own decisions, solve their own problems, and speak for themselves. We build awareness and education of the strengths, rights, wants, and needs of people with disabilities.

The direction of the group will be member-driven and therefore the group could take on several forms.

The group may decide to become more activist with letter writing and protest activities; or the group could simply remain a supportive environment to share and build new friendships.

Educating ourselves on topics related to self-advocacy will always be included and special guest speakers may also be invited to further inform our members.

What is the role of the advisor?

My name is Matthew and I am the advisor to the group. My job is to attend all meetings and make sure that the group is following all rules and agreements.

I also organize the meeting’s structure while making sure everyone feels welcome and has a chance to speak.

I will also be providing educational material and presentations on topics related to self-advocacy.

I will do my best to ensure that all group decisions are followed through; however, I am not “the boss” because the members make all the important decisions by a vote.

Meeting Procedure: What to expect.


  1. Meetings will begin with a welcome and recitation of the rules.
  2. Then a small check-in will occur where people have a chance to speak briefly. People can always pass if they do not want to speak.
  3. The business of the meeting will start with a breakdown of the agenda decided upon the previous meeting, this is called old business.
  4. This will be written in large letters at the front with pictures beside them.
  5. Then people will have an opportunity to add new business to the meeting schedule.
  6. After old and new business is discussed, the group will set an agenda for the next meeting.
  7. The meeting will conclude with unstructured social time.


To Contact The Nelson Self-Advocacy Group

Advisor: Matthew Wilson-Birks
Nelson CARES Society Map to 521 Vernon Street Nelson, BC, V1L 4E9


Ph. 250-352-6011 ex. 18 Fax 250-352-9855 


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Hello Self-Advocates and allies,

Next week, Wednesday September 19th, at 1:00 pm, we are having our September Meeting!

This month we will be joined by the Selkirk class again so expect to see more members in attendance, which is wonderful because it generates lots of good discussion!

The topics for this meeting include:

1. A review of the stories that our members have published on selfadvocatenet.com and I will share information on how you too could be paid $100 to publish your own stories. Not often we get paid for doing self-advocacy, pretty cool!

2. We will have a chat about the Greyhound Bus closure and what that mean for our members and community.

3. We are going back to square one with a discussion around the importance of self-awareness and self-knowledge, which are pivotal for self-advocacy. Before coming to the meeting, ask yourself why you want to be a self-advocate? What is it that calls you to this subject? Why are you interested? Being self-aware makes us better self-advocates because we can understand what we need and want.

4. Finally, we will taking a group survey about the Nelson CARES dance socials. We need to get feedback to get funding for more dances in the future. If you like these dances then please give us your important feedback.

***Remember, any member can bring up topics for discussion so please feel free to let me know either before or even during the meeting if you want to add to the agenda.

See you next week folks. Until then, have a great weekend. 😊

Kind Regards,
Matthew Wilson-Birks
The Nelson Self-Advocacy Group,
Ph. 250-352-6011 ex. 3 then 1
Fax 250-352-9855

November Meeting Wednesday, November 21, 2018 at 1:10 PM – 3 PM

Map to
567 Ward St, Nelson, British Columbia V1L

Events of Nelson Self Advocacy Group


For more information:
Zhenia Salikin
Program Manager
Nelson CARES Society
250.352.6011 ext. 15

Julie Robinson
Dance Coordinator
Nelson CARES Society



The Nelson Self Advocacy Group Newsletter be here

S.A. Newletter Vol. 4 September 2017



The Nelson Self Advocacy Group Agenda and Minutes Here

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