Inclusion BC congratulates all parties on the ratification of a five-year contract in the community social services sector in British Columbia.

It is particularly important that the government has expressed its commitment to fully fund the agreement. (See press releases from: CSSEA, BCGEU, Provincial Government)

This is a positive indication that it has learned important lessons of the previous bargaining period, when the provincial government refused to fund a 3% wage increase in the sector, an unanticipated expense with which community agencies continue to struggle today and on an ongoing basis.

The agreement, concluded between the Community Social Services Employers’ Association and the Community Social Services Bargaining Association, includes a wage increase over the five-year period from 2014 through 2019 that will be at least 5.5%, up to 11.5%, based on developments in the provincial economy.

The contract was ratified by an 85.6% vote among workers in the sector and by a 96% vote of employers.

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