10340005_10152384614532751_6509236182366290016_nThis is news from Ministry of Social Development and Innovations regarding electronic funds transfer (EFT)/ Direct Deposit

They are changing the automatic mailing of EFT notices that you receive in the mail stubs paper monthly bases ministry is as of DEC 2014 is stopping mailing to your house.

But instead of you having your stub mailed to you.


You will have to use a computer access to use there website this one https://myselfserve.gov.bc.ca/ all information is here.

As of  DEC 2014 have to go there get what you need or call in ministry office at this number 1866-866-0800

If want keep same mail mailed  to you if you receive the ministry”s  letter Nov 3rd  to all persons that receives assistance from ministry  in BC.

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