I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write you but I feel I must. For the last very many months I’ve been getting really nasty comments from an anonymous person – as we know anonymity gives cowardice courage – regarding a long laundry list of my supposed crimes. I am responsible for almost evey social ill and, beyond that, for targetting minority men with an elabourate false allegation scheme that is secretly communicated through hidden messages in the text to those of you in my ‘posse’ who then target my intended victims. This have varied over time and has included a weird obsession with my masturbatory habits! The hositility in these has reached a point where I have now officially involved the police. They have taken all the messages that have been left (there are hundreds, I’ve saved them all) and are working with me.

I am changing the settings on comments, which I hate doing, but I need a break from the constant flow of ugly accusations. Please let me know if you are no longer able to comment, there is another setting I can try.

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