Published Vancouver Sun  on: June 5, 2017 | Last Updated: June 5, 2017 2:20 PM PDT

All those dimes and nickels you’ve been saving can now be put to use: single-ride transit fares in Metro Vancouver are going up five to 10 cents, beginning on Canada Day.

It’s the first increase since 2013.

The fare hike was previously announced last November and approved March 30 by TransLink’s board of directors.

“The revenue from increased fares will help fund improvements to the region’s transit and transportation system including service increases for bus, SkyTrain, HandyDART and SeaBus,” TransLink said in a press release.

According to TransLink, service improvements include an additional 65,000 bus service hours, increasing Canada Line passenger capacity during peak hours by 11 per cent, extending peak-hour service and increased midday and evening weekend service on the Expo and Millennium lines, 85,500 more HandyDart trips and running SeaBus every 15 minutes until 9 p.m. daily.

Fares are going up across the system and will be applied to all forms of payment in varying degrees.

— Single-use concession fares will increase by five cents and single-use adult fares will increase by 10 cents (this includes HandyDART).

— DayPass fares will increase by 25 cents.

— Monthly pass fares will increase between $1 and $2, depending on zone type.

Riders who pay for their fare using coins will continue to need exact change and in fact will pay slightly more than Compass card users who carry a stored value (rather than charge a monthly pass).

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