Who We Are:

We are a group of adults with diversabilities who meet once a month to talk about issues that matter to us and help make our lives better because we are more aware.
All are welcome to our meetings:
► Potential Self-Advocates ► Friends of members► Support workers

What We Do:
►Talk about great successes, as well as things we are concerned about
►Increase awareness about living with a diversability (disability) by doing outreach presentations with PowerPoints to many different organizations in our area
►Volunteer or attend special events in our community
► Empower our members to share ideas, concerns and build friendships
► Present information on different topics of interest to the group to become informed and to help us make better decisions

How We Do This:
► By meeting regularly and talking about topics which are important to us, we will become a strong group of positive, informed people.
► Through learning, we hope to be able to connect well with our community
► By working together as a team, we will help our lives become better!

Why Our Group is Right for YOU:
► You can get together with others to talk about all the great things in your life, as well as, the challenges you face
► We work together by volunteering or attending special events, which will give you great satisfaction and get you involved with others
► People will get to know you and our group in the community and see how we are all important members of society

► By attending the free monthly meetings, you will build friendships which can assist you with becoming better at voicing your opinion
► You will learn, through talking to others, how to become a better self-advocate in your own life!

Join our FREE group if you are interested in doing any of these things:
► Socializing and talking about important topics in your life
► Volunteering at organizations who would benefit from our help
► Speaking to groups to help increase awareness about living with diversabilites (disabilities) and how it affects your life
► Meeting new people, encouraging and mentoring others
► Empowering your voice as a
self-advocate to better your life!


Contact us at

Darryl Harand, Chair – Phone: (250) 763-0094

Linda Youmans, Self-Advocate Advisor – Phone: (778) 478-1304

E-Mail:  lindayoumans@yahoo.com  

Monthly Meeting Dates in will be in Fall

Saturdays from 1-2:30 p.m. 

No meetings in May, July, Aug. & Dec.







Location: PATHWAYS 123 Franklyn Road Kelowna, B.C.




Events: of the Okanagan Self Advocate Group


Due to the COVID-19 Virus, the Okanagan Self-Advocate Group for adults over 19 with Autism or a Diversability, will be cancelling the FREE Saturday afternoon monthly programs for April, May and June which take place at PATHWAYS in Rutland.

However, the good news is that the following Fall programs hopefully will take place:

September 26 – Best Budgeting Tips with Denise Martell of Western Financial Group

October 24 – Assertiveness Training in Relationships with Sherri-Ann Lipsett of CLARO Life

November 28- General First Aid for Home/Community with Joanne Poole of Okanagan College

In addition, the 4 programs which were cancelled this year on Doing Dating; Discovering all Emotions/Yoga; Becoming a Great Self-Advocate and Community Mapping:  Find the Best in Your Community will be postponed until 2021 so you will be able to register to come next year. All people who have registered for the cancelled events will be notified when the new date has been determined. There is a limit of 40 per program so don’t delay – register today!

To register or for more information contact:

Mrs. Linda Youmans, Okanagan Self-Advocate Advisor

E-Mail:  lindayoumans@yahoo.com  

Phone:  (778) 478-1304





























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Resources for Okanagan Self-Advocate Group

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2017 Teen Diversability Booklist



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