My name is Anna. During a goal setting ISP I decided I like to read I wanted to join a book club. In my city there are not any during the day or at my reading level. I decided my city needed one and I was going to start it.

I went to my staff from Sunshine Valley Community services. They helped me figure out the steps to achieving my goal. My first step was to talk to my librarian at our local library about how a book club works. The next step was to design how I was going to run the book club. I then had a peer design a logo for my posters and flyers. I talked to a community friend named Tammy and told her about my idea. She suggested using the book corner at the Gospel Chapel during Blessings Boutique to hold my book club as she knew some people that would be interested in coming.

Now that I had a place I could hang my posters on bulletin boards around town. I talked to friends and peers and told them about the book club and they were excited to attend. My book club meets once a week, for an hour. The book club is for all ages and reading levels (very inclusive) People take turns reading out loud.

We then discuss what we read. At the end of each book we do an end of the book celebration which could include a movie of the book or food that is based on the book. Our first book was the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. The book took us three months to read as we read one chapter a week and discussed it. At the end we watched the movie and ate Turkish delight (it was delicious) as a group we chose our next book which is the diary of Anne Frank.

The book club started with six people and has expanded to thirteen on a regular basis. We have tea which I make independently. This has been very rewarding for me.

By Anna Bach

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