Disabled people’s rights in everyday life

Right to learn

Right to access to information about our individual legal rights and freedoms
Right to freedom of speech
Right to vote
Right to live the way each person wants
Right to affordable housing
– ownership of property
Right to paid jobs
– equal pay for equal work
– self-employment
Right to education
Right to relationships
– family
– friends
– marriage
parenting and having children
Right to government information
Right to be safe!
Right to live above the poverty line
Right to have better physical access and services in the community
Right to not be taken advantage of by anyone
Right to our own opinions
Right to be treated as an equal in society without being labeled
Right to medical information
Right to have your personal information kept private / “confidential”
Right to share our stories
Right to be respected as an individual
Right to fair justice
Right to lobby, protest and demonstrate about our rights

Right to be present

RIGHT to make decisions

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