Darryl Harrand
“Introduction Thank you for coming. For those who don’t know who I am, I am Darryl Harrand. I’ve been a self-advocate since 1994. I led the local self-advocate group here in... Read More
B.C. People First
“PLAIN LANGUAGE TRANSLATION SERVICES: BC People First believes that Plain language is a human right. Everybody needs equal access to information, and sometimes things are written in a way not... Read More
Kelsey Kubota
“I’m passionate around disabilities and self care. My goal is to modivate and be a insperation to others to acheive in what they value. My belief is no voice is... Read More
Conrad Tyrkin
“My name is Conrad Tyrkin. I live in Port Coquitlam, BC. I have a passion for mentoring and presenting my Employment presentations for people with diversabilities. Having a steady job... Read More
Tara Torme
“My name is Tara Torme and I live in Vancouver BC. It is important to me to bring as much awareness as possible to Asperger Syndrome. Because too many people... Read More
Krystian Shaw
“My name is KRYSTIAN SHAW. I am 25. I was born with intellectual disabilities. I have achieved many things in my life despite my challenges. I have many abilities. A... Read More
Onkar Biring
“My name is ONKAR BIRING. I am a certified motivational speaker who tries to empower others like myself who are living with a disability. My goal is to demonstrate that... Read More
Wai Hung Ma
“Breaking Limitations Wai epitomizes the philosophy of “breaking limitations” and is an inspiration and model for many. Wai has succeeded in producing his own unique and thought provoking study of... Read More
Riia Talve
“RIIA TALVE   is an inspirational speaker for people who have disabilities. Riia has made her disabilities a blessing by helping others realize their disabilities are not holding them back... Read More
Elisa Paczos
“As an animal liberation rights activist, we are standing up for the underdogs. Which is why speaking up for those with a disability, who are also underdogs, is so important... Read More
Sherwin Strong
“SHERWIN STRONG works as a Self Advocate Liaison for the Comox Valley on Vancouver Island. Sherwin is a 21 year old inspirational speaker and trainer and is available to present... Read More
Shelley De Coste
“SHELLEY DE COSTE is a well-known leader in the Self Advocacy Movement. She started the DIVERSABILITY campaign in 2012 and now has followers across BC. Shelley says, “If you break... Read More
David Johnston
“DAVID JOHNSTON is a firm believer in equality for all. As a young outspoken lad it didn’t take him long to realize that he was passionate about helping people with... Read More
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