Disabled Parents Network

Disabled Parents Network (DPN) is a national organization of and for disabled people who are parents or who hope to become parents, and their families, friends and supporters. DPN is run by volunteers, with a small number of paid employees. We are here for all parents, including parents with physical or sensory impairments, people with learning difficulties or long-term illnesses, people with mental health issues and Deaf parents. We believe that disabled people have the right to have children and that they should be properly supported to carry out that right at each stage of parenting. Disabled Parents Network will do its best to make sure that it works well for all disabled parents and that everyone who wants to can play a part, whatever their family situation, background or disability.


Support Worker Central

An online database designed to match individuals, families and agencies with support workers in their communities.


Parent Support Services Society

A volunteer-driven organization that provides parent support circles and parent education initiatives. Its mandate is to prevent child abuse and to promote healthy relationships by supporting parenting, families and communities.


The BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities

The BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities has been registered as a charitable organization since 1952. You may also know us as the Easter Seal People. Under both names, our Society mandate is to support children with disabilities throughout British Columbia. We’re dedicated to enriching the lives of children through a renewed focus on “Giving Children Abilities”


Parents with Disabilities Online

We’ve been providing information, support and resources to parents with disabilities since 1996, when we were known as Diana Michelle’s Home Page: The Internet’s One-stop Resource for Parents with Disabilities. For too long, people with disabilities had been told that having families of our own was not an option. The truth is, though, that we have always been parents, and as our society evolves, more and more of us will have access to that opportunity. If you are a parent with a disability, a person with a disability who is planning to become a parent, or a nondisabled partner of a disabled parent, this site is for you. We hope that this page is a good place to start on your own journey toward independent parenting.


The Family Support Institute

The Family Support Institute is a province-wide organization whose purpose is to support and strengthen families faced with the extraordinary circumstances that come with having a family member who has a disability. When your son or daughter has a disability, life often becomes different from anything you could ever have imagined. You may find yourself in a world you never knew existed, one you may be reluctant to embrace, where there are more questions than answers. The Family Support Institute is unique in Canada. It began with the help of the B.C. Association for Community Living in 1986 in response to the needs and requests of families of people with disabilities.


Parenting with a Disability Network (PDN)

The Parenting with a Disability Network (PDN) is a peer support and information-sharing network for parents and prospective parents with a disability. The aim of PDN is to develop consumer friendly approaches to parenting with a disability by providing opportunities for networking, peer support, information-sharing and education.


Parents with Developmental Disabilities A Fair Chance

A Fair Chance” hears from six families with parents with developmental disabilities who talk frankly about their hopes and fears as parents. Organized into six segments, each about eight minutes in length, this program profiles the strengths and limitations of six parents who have developmental disabilities. These challenging stories lead one to ask “are parents being given a fair chance to raise their own children?” If not, what systematic changes would be helpful? This video takes you into the lives of people with disabilities.


The Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada (CCAAC)

The Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada (CCAAC) is dedicated to promoting a publicly funded, inclusive, quality, non-profit child care system. Our organization is non-profit, membership-based and regionally representative.


National Women’s Law Center

Since 1972, the Center has expanded the possibilities for women and girls in this country. The Center uses the law in all its forms: getting new laws on the books and enforced; litigating ground-breaking cases in state and federal courts all the way to the Supreme Court; and educating the public about ways to make the law and public policies work for women and their families. An experienced staff of nearly 50 takes on the issues that cut to the core of women’s and girls’ lives in education, employment, family economic security, and health — with special attention given to the needs of low-income women and their families.


Different Roads to Learning, Inc.

Founded in 1995 by the parent of a child with autism, our goal here at Different Roads to Learning is to be your complete resource for ABA materials for children with autism spectrum disorders. On our site and in our catalogs, you will find a comprehensive selection of learning materials specifically designed to help children with ASD learn and grow. We merchandise and market our products to fill the needs of a diverse spectrum of children, catering to different ages and abilities. 


Exceptional Parent Magazine

Magazine for parents of children or young adults with disabilities. Includes reports, forum, products links, books.


Island Dolphin Care

Island Dolphin Care is a 501(c)3 not for profit organization that provides dolphin assisted therapy to children with critical illnesses, disabilities and special needs from all over the world. We invite you to meet our therapy staff, learn about dolphin assisted therapy, explore great resources for families, and meet our dolphins.


Kids As Self Advocates (KASA)

Kids As Self Advocates (KASA) is a national, grassroots project created by youth with disabilities for youth. We are teens and young adults with disabilities speaking out. KASA knows youth can make choices and advocate for themselves if they have the information and support they need.



Lekotek makes the world of play accessible to children with all types of disabilities through special play and learning centers where they can have fun with traditional toys, adapted toys, books and computers. Nationwide, there are 34 Lekotek sites that offer family play sessions, toy lending libraries, Compuplay family computer centers, and other innovative community-specific programming. 


The Invisible Disabilities Association of Canada

The Invisible Disabilities Association of Canada is a non profit group made up of volunteers who give their time to assist those with disabilities resulting from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Environmental Sensitivities, and associated illnesses.


The Adoptive Families Association of BC

AFABC has supported adoption and adoptive families since 1977. Our province-wide family services ensure that people considering adoption, and those who have already adopted, are educated, connected, and supported. We are dedicated to finding a family for every child, both here and abroad.



FamilySmart® comes along-side young people and families to provide support, navigation assistance and information and then invites them and professionals to come-alongside each other to learn with and from each other to enhance the quality of experiences and services for child and youth mental health.

Pivot Point Family Growth Centre Inc.

Pivot Point specializes in intensive therapeutic interventions for children and adults with mild behavioural and emotional challenges to severe clinical conditions such as Learning Disabilities, Developmental Disabilities, and other challenges that limit success at home, school, or community. We provide a wide range of AUTISM SERVICES for children ages 2 to 19 as well as to young adults throughout BC. All supports are tailored to the individual needs of each family in any amount required.

 is a professional fee-for-service community agency that provides Behavioural Supports, Family Counselling, Community Training, and Resources to families and professionals throughout British Columbia.

P4P PLANNING NETWORK  P4P empowers people with disabilities and their families with FREE resources to create meaningful lives and secure futures, firmly rooted in community.
The C-Pen Reader
The C-Pen Reader pen scanner is major technological breakthrough for anyone learning English, Spanish or French and is a life-saver for those who suffer from reading difficulties such as dyslexia. The C-Pen Reader is a totally portable, pocket-sized device that reads text out aloud with an English, Spanish or French human-like digital voice.
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