unnamed by Dave and Lorie Sherritt

We are getting up there in age and our bodies are changing a bit.

Sometimes we are surprised at how quickly things can creep up on us! We are working on making sure our condo is comfortable and we can do everything we want to do in it.We are working with the Health Services to Community Living (HSCL) Occupational Therapist to make sure our place is accessible with grab bars and hospital bed.

We are working to get a Home Accessibility for Independence (HAFI) grant so we can renovate our place with wide hallways and a roll in shower.

We get some home maker support once a week to help with baths, cleaning, and cooking. The home maker staff are really good.

We love the location of our place to the sky train, bus, mall, our friends and family. We want to stay here as long as possible. We like hosting friends.

Recently, we have written our wills with the mylawbc.ca tool. We’ve shared it with Lorie’s sister Lynn.

It felt good to write our will out. Lorie was surprised at how good the wills were. It was simple to complete.

The mylawbc.ca tool asked us a set of questions. From those questions, it gave us a template to fill out with our information.

Then, it gave us a final will copy. In addition to our will, we have letters to write about our funeral program and style wishes and another about our items.
As seniors, we have a lot of advice to give and so are also becoming mentors to youth.

Together with our good(e) friend Barb Goode, we organized a workshop for the Visions Transition Youth Conference in Coquitlam November 2016 and shared about our lives, community, and relationships.

2Dave was happy to share that life gets better after high school.

Dave experienced some bullying in high school so wanted to make sure the youth knew life wasn’t supposed to be like that.

Lorie shared that friends are really important to her. Each friend is like a brother or sister waiting to be met.

We really liked this workshop and look forward to many more chances to help youth. We also try our best to continue to be leaders as self-advocates.

We sit on boards, speak at conferences, and are consulted about a variety of topics.

We really like to travel, visit friends, and meet new people through our advocacy work.


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