By Christina Peters

My name is Christina Peters, I have been working for the BC government since 1994. I started with the Ministry of Social Services. I am proud to say I had a great job coach who helped me with my everyday work duties and who I am also proud to call a friend. As time went on I was able to cope on my own and no longer needed a job coach. I was also very lucky to have stayed working with the government long enough to see Community Living BC be formed in 2005.

Before I worked with the government, I studied at the Victoria Vocational College where I learned a lot of my office skills. I was at the Victoria Vocational College when it was in its last year. I really loved being at the college. The students that were there were like a family and we learned a lot together. What we learned gave us a lot of independence. We learned how to ride the bus, cook, and we had our own radio show, we gardened and also learned photography. It was a great college.

Right now I work 3 full days a week Monday Wednesday and Friday as I am still recovering from a knee replacement and I hope in the New Year to go back to 4 full days a week. When I first started working for the BC government I was responsible for shredding paper but not anymore. I work on the computer now and I scan documents to individual’s files, do mail outs, answer the main reception line and do other activities as needed. I have worked here for 24 years for the government and I still really love what I do. It is a great place to work since all the people are so kind and very supportive and are all around just awesome people. I am very lucky to work in a positive workplace.

I feel very privileged that I have had the opportunity to work for 24 years in this job that has given me the opportunity to build my skills and relationships. I also wanted to thank my very supportive family and boyfriend, they have always encouraged me to work.

Thank you,

Christina Peters


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