by Tyrone Brown


Quality of LIfeWho can best cope with the challenges one faces in life? The individual who has conditions for daily living, which provide happiness and stability through quality family time and care, as well as caregivers with a heart. Regardless of the individual, feeling loved and accepted for who one is will always be the foundation for quality of life. There are general requirements to have comfortable living conditions such as shelter, clothing, three meals a day and basic home comforts. However, having a purpose in life is vital in giving focus on positive living and providing a person with reason to hope and continue to move forward.


Yearning to preserve one’s self-worth has stimulated belief and hope, in many that suffer with disabilities, defending their minds from depression and despair. The contrast of being lonely and without good support can be seen often in the psychiatric wards of hospitals throughout Canada. Without true care and belief in an individual and the individual’s resolve to live with a purpose, there cannot be quality of life. One must live with hope and determination to be a contributor to society, and believe he or she can make a difference. In this, the person can overcome challenges which would hold him or her back.

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