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Are you ready, willing and able to go to work? Are you currently looking for a job? Do you have an intellectual disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder?

If so, Ready Willing and Able may be able to help you.

Below you will find two ways to learn more about RWA and to be considered for employment opportunities that you might be interested in and for which you have the right background, skills and experience.

  1. We have RWA staff in 8 communities across the country. If you want to find out more about RWA and how you might benefit, click on the Find RWA Staff button, and there you will find the contact information of a staff person nearest to you. They can explain the program in more detail, and help you connect to a local employment agency.
  2. All employment opportunities found by RWA are shared with our employment agency partners. They then forward appropriate resumes for consideration by employers. To be considered for a possible position, you must be registered with one of these agencies. To find an employment agency in your area, and to contact them directly, just click on the Find Local Employment Agency Partners button and there you will find necessary contact information. Contact the agency of your choice, and tell them you wish to be considered for a RWA position, if and as such positions become available. You will need to meet with this agency and share your resume with them. You may also have to complete an interview to determine your particular employment preferences, strengths, interest, skills, and experience, etc.

How RWA Works

Ready, Willing and Able has staff working in 8 communities across the country creating many exciting new job opportunities. We meet with employers in a variety of different industries and explain the benefits of hiring persons with an intellectual disability or Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Ready, Willing and Able is working to connect employers who are looking for employees to the skilled people who can fill those jobs. From part-time, seasonal work to full-time positions, RWA is finding new and exciting opportunities, one of which may be just perfect for you! If you’re interested in learning more about the program, please click the link below to connect with a RWA staff in your area:

How You Can Work with RWA

Josh Speight, Sales Associate, organizing plants at Walmart

Josh Speight, Sales Associate, Walmart East Supercentre, Saint John, NB

Once RWA staff work with an employer and find a new job opportunity, we need to find people who may be interested in and qualified for that job. We do this by connecting the job leads we find with our many local employment agency partners. Our agency partners have many years of experience helping people with an intellectual disability or ASD get ready for work and transition successfully into the work force. Additionally, with the help of Ready, Willing and Able, our partner agencies are able to offer a variety of on-the-job supports for potential employees if necessary; everything from job coaches, to workplace modifications, assistive technologies and more.

If you wish to be considered for RWA job leads you need to connect to one of our partner employment agencies in your area. These agencies will work with you to match the right job opportunities to your interests and skills, and make sure you have all the supports you need to go to work.


Employment Agency Partners


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