Riia is an artist and activist who expresses herself thru her painting and live public speaking. riia
Who is Riia Talve?


Riia Lane Talve

Riia was born at B.C. Children’s Hospital in 1985. She spent the first seven months of her life in the special care nursery. She began drawing at an early age and has continued to do so into adulthood. Much of her work reflects her life experiences and promotes inclusiveness along with an awareness of those on the fringes of our society.

Riia has had numerous showings of her work and has been interviewed several times for both television and print publications. She had her first solo art show when she was eighteen and her art has been shown in galleries as far as Aberdeen Scotland.

One of Riias’ original paintings hangs in the B.C. Children’s Hospital and several pieces of her artwork appears in the book ” Success Stories from the Frontline”. The Canadian Red Cross also owns one of her works as a piece for the awareness of aids in Africa.


Why I am an Artist Riia Talve Blue Hat


Artist Statement

I regularly paint self-portraits as a reflection of growing up with learning disabilities, and OCD. I often feeling different and alone, which I try to convey in my art.

I also incorporate everyday objects, and use them as metaphors. I hope to express through my art that people shouldn’t hide in the dark if they are a little different. Everyone has their own reason for producing artwork; ultimately it is a way of conveying one’s thoughts and feelings to the rest of the world through the most accessible of the human senses, visual imagery.


Riia Talve, artist, talks about her experience in school as a student with special needs.

She stresses how important self-advocacy and self-determination is for us all.



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Riia Talve also available to give Skype presentations.

I am looking for paid talks and that I charge whatever the group can afford.


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