Hi, it’s David Johnston, Self-Advocate Employment Trainer from www.selfadvocatenet.com , reporting back on my recent speaking tour in Dawson Creek and Prince George.  I have been practicing for a long time and finally had the chance to share my presentation called Passion to Purpose.

My tour started in Dawson Creek on March 2nd and there was 44 people there including my mayor, local agencies, MLA office representative, Work BC staff, self advocates and families.  My audience was amazed and thought I did a good job telling my story and sharing my experiences with employment as a person with diverse abilities.  It felt good when the mayor stood up and said how proud he was of my accomplishment as a presenter.

Then I went to Prince George and I presented for one hour to employment agencies from all over the North.  I really liked this audience because it was all support staff wanting to help people with diverse abilities be successful in the work force and in reaching their dreams.   It’s important for staff to hear our stories directly from us so they can understand what it feels like from our perspective.  I think people will be better supporters when they take the time to sit and listen to what we have to say.  Everyone did a wonderful job and really respected my message about the need to really believe in what people with diverse abilities can do.  I wanted everyone to go away understanding that anyone can be successful with the right support in place. I wanted my audience to leave with the knowledge that when someone finds their passion and their purpose in a job they can be successful no matter what their diverse ability.

I hope my presentations encourage others to share their stories and I really hope that service providers, government agencies and local businesses see the benefit in hiring self advocates like me to share our knowledge.  Please visit the BC Self Advocate Training Network and Speaker’s Bureau and hire someone today!   https://selfadvocatenet.com/current-speakers/

A special thank-you to CLBC and the Community Council of the North for helping to sponsor my tour.



David Johnston

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