Rights make your voice heard loud and clear!

It is not considered offensive to speak up for yourself especially when someone hurts you badly. Making your voice loud and clear does not mean you shout out profanity, it means you do your share of stopping the danger zone you have been put into.
Your voice is a good self-defence method that protects you from harm. If you have been hurt or taken advantage off like I have you are not alone. People with disabling conditions need to be treated with the same amount of respect that others get treated with. What is considered rude behavior is using profanity, hitting the person who is hurting your feelings. If you insult someone this is rude as well. As far as possible shouting will not pay off. Speaking up does not mean defiance is the right choice.
Reference books that speak about anger highlights rudeness much more insightfully. Everyone feels anger. It is expressed through our tone of voice and actions. We can be in tears and feel angry. We need to express our anger and displeasure of being mistreated, harassed or bullied. When we get furious we are likely to get aggressive, it becomes easier when we are kind, sweet and assertive. This does not mean we like the situation or the person we are being civil.
Anger management for dummies written by Charles H. Elliott and Laura L. Smith describes civility as being respectful of other people and not insensitive. For us that means speaking up with respect. Never tolerate mistreatment alongside all other rights this right is very important.
Just because we have visible shortcomings it does not mean we have to be constantly mistreated. People think that we need to tolerate mistreatment because according to them we are too disabled and dumb. We have to show them our smartness and our talents. When our rights are not being taken seriously and we are facing a bully we are bound to feel stressed out. The BC health guide give us the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Some of the symptoms include poor concentration and excessive worrying these are emotional symptoms. Physical symptoms include headache, dizziness, fatigue, insomnia and muscle stiffness. Having a team effort between you, your boss at work, family and family doctor makes your quality of life better.
In conclusion, freedom of speech and freedom of expression are our legal rights also. We need to feel listened to and we should work in a stress free workplace.

By Rasika Aklujkar

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