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Countdown to Bowling Championships and National Games

66 days until Team BC heads out to the 2018 Special Olympics Canada Bowling Championships!

142 days until Team BC leaves for the 2018 Special Olympics Canada Summer Games!

Team BC 2018 logo

Sharing the Team BC 2018 slogan

Team BC 2018 slogan

The slogan for Special Olympics Team BC 2018 is “Together, we will strive to inspire while competing with integrity, positivity, and a belief in ourselves!”

The foundation for this slogan came out of October’s Team BC 2018 Coach and Mission Staff Summit. Coaches and mission staff members came up with five words they thought best represented the values and spirit of Special Olympics BC and Team BC. The group decided on positivity, teamwork, inspire, integrity, and believe.

Based on these words, mission staff and SOBC communications staff members crafted a slogan we hope will inspire Team BC 2018 members as they prepare to give their all in P.E.I. and Nova Scotia.

Fresh from the Chef’s table

Chef de Mission Leslie Thornley

By Chef de Mission Leslie Thornley

Team BC Training Squad camps in November and January seem like so long ago, and it feels like ages since we have been together.

Every athlete should be doing a monthly check-in with their Team BC coach if they do not already see them in a weekly practice. Mission Staff members have been keeping me in the loop on all the great training routines and the high levels of commitment across the province.

For our bowlers, some of your normal programs may start to wrap up towards the end of March, but we still need you to be able to bowl! If you do not have a plan in place, please speak with your coach immediately. As the 2018 Special Olympics Canada Bowling Championships are two months away, you need to keep practicing your form and technique so you are at your best for May!

For the rest of our athletes who have been working on skills and dryland training, we are waiting for the snow to leave so we can get you out on the playing fields! You still have a good five months of training to ensure you are in your peak condition come July.

So, let’s talk about the saying, “Medals are not won at Games, but rather, during the months of training leading up to Games.” What does this mean? It’s a great conversation to have with your teammates and coaches. As your Chef de Mission, to me, it means that in order to have the stamina, strength, and preparation to handle the rigors of Games, you need to be working on your overall fitness, sport skills, and strategies faithfully leading up to Games. You will have a long flight, a full training day, and four or five full days of activities in your sport. This isn’t your normal routine, so it will be tiring. We have seen in the past that athletes who are still as fresh on Friday as they were on Monday at Games have a better chance of achieving their goals.

So, how diligent have you been in attending Club Fit and ensuring you are physically active in sport three days a week, as it states in your contract? It will become clear to us come National Games, and we are looking forward to seeing how fit and prepared our athletes are. Keep on training!

Team BC 2018 Training Squad news

Team BC cross-country skiers training

Latest team updates:

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Team BC 2018 Training Squad hard at work at November training camps

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More Team BC stories

Pictured above right: Team BC 2018 Training Squad swimmers at their camp in Vancouver.

B.C. Warriors sharpen their skills in Washington state scrimmage

B.C. Warriors

Team BC 2018 Training Squad members are hard at work preparing for their national competitions. In January, the B.C. Warriors basketball squad traveled to Washington state to play a friendly game against a Unified Sports team.

Warriors coach Rob Martel said the Special Olympics BC – Langley athletes were very excited for the game and it was a great opportunity for them to develop their skills ahead of this summer’s 2018 Special Olympics Canada Summer Games in Nova Scotia.

“They got a good sense of the challenge ahead in playing outside of their comfort zone,” he said.

We’re really impressed by the achievements of all the members of the Team BC 2018 Training Squad. We love hearing about how hard everyone is working, and we’re grateful to everyone who has taken the time to share stories! Share yours with Caitlin by email or by calling 604-737-3042 / 1-888-854-2276 toll-free.

In other news

  • Meet Special Olympics BC – Burnaby track athlete April Armstrong and SOBC – Smithers swimmer Kaylee Richter, two Team BC 2018 Training Squad members who were recently featured in SOBC’s monthly profile series.
  • Team BC 2018 Training Squad 10-pin bowler Dennis Lynch of SOBC – Nanaimo was named the Male Masters Athlete of the Year at the 13th annual Nanaimo Sport Achievement Awards!
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  • Check out this video to see how the 2018 Special Olympics Canada Bowling Championships logo celebrates the spirit of P.E.I. and bowling.
  • Listen to interesting interviews and learn about the 2018 Special Olympics Canada Summer Games with Inspire! – the official podcast of the National Games in Nova Scotia. Listen here

Team BC 2018 supporters T-shirt

Team BC 2018 supporters T-shirt

The Team BC 2018 supporters T-shirt is now available! We will add additional items prior to the 2018 Special Olympics Canada Summer Games, so stay tuned for more details.

For supporters going to the 2018 Special Olympics Canada Bowling Championships in P.E.I., if you would like to purchase the official Team BC 2018 supporters T-shirt, please complete the order form and send it in by April 13. All shirts will be shipped directly to you two weeks prior to the Championships.

More Team BC 2018 families and fans information

Get to know a community: Charlottetown


Charlottetown is one of the host communities for the 2018 Special Olympics Canada Bowling Championships. Along with being the capital of P.E.I., this city of around to 35,000 people was the site of the historic Charlottetown Conference, and is sometimes referred to as “the birthplace of Canada.”

Located on a beautiful and historic harbour, the city is surrounded by the Hillsborough River, which has been designated a Canadian Heritage River. Charlottetown is also home to Anne of Green Gables – The Musical, the longest running musical in Canada.

Area Codes: 902 and 782

Time Zone: Atlantic Standard Time (four hours ahead of Pacific Time)

Learn more about Charlottetown

Photo by Martin Cathrae

Get to know your sport venues: Murphy’s Community Centre

Murphy’s Community Centre

Located in the heart of downtown Charlottetown, Murphy’s Community Centre houses the largest bowling alley on the Island. Murphy’s Bowling Centre has been the hub of 5-pin bowling on Prince Edward Island for close to 50 years. This 14-lane bowling alley is a five-minute drive from University of Prince Edward Island, which is where the 5-pin athletes will be staying.

Learn more about Murphy’s Bowling Centre

Take a virtual tour of the venue

Read about other 2018 Special Olympics Canada Bowling Championships venues

Tips for nervous flyers

By Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura Farres is a mental training expert who has attended numerous National Games over the years supporting both SOBC coaches and athletes.

Before your flight

  • Familiarize yourself with the airplane and airport. It is normal to feel nervous if you have never done something before. If your first flight is a short flight out of your local airport it might be helpful to go visit the airport before you fly. You can take a look around and watch the planes take off and land. You can get familiar with the security process. You can even find out exactly the type of plane you will be flying on and explore more about that too. You may even be able to arrange a tour of the smaller airport by contacting the airport administration directly. For bigger airports you might want to visit the airport website (www.yvr.ca or www.kelownaairport.com) to explore the fun things to see and do at the airport. If you are close enough, visiting a larger airport before your trip can be helpful too.
  • See your doctor if necessary for relaxation medicine. It can be good to check in with your doctor before you fly and let them know how you are feeling to see if there is anything he or she may recommend that you can take with you if needed.

>> Read more travel tips from Dr. Laura

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