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SAN is pleased to be partnering with Disability Without Poverty to hear your stories about how your life is affected when you do not have enough money. Here are some ways to write a story:  

How often are you stressed about money? What happens when you are stressed? How does stress affect you?  

What are your needs that are not being met because of lack of money or support?  

What would you like people without disabilities to understand about the extra costs you have because of your disability?  

Are there things that prevent you from being able to work? What are they?   

Tell us about the activities or things you would do if money was not a concern?  

If you didn’t need to pay for medication or equipment, what would you use that money for?  

If you did not need to spend time worrying about money, how would you use that time instead?  

Other than money, what type of support do you need to best succeed?  

If you had an extra 200 dollars a month, would you spend it? Save it? What would you do with it? 

There is a Save and Continue feature on the bottom of the form in case you need to stop and continue later.

We offer $100.00 if we approve your story.

*Please note that it can take 4 weeks after your story is published to receive your cheque.

**We are now accepting disability Stories from across Canada. 


Story Submission

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