By: Jeff Stackhouse, BFA Artist

As you are well aware, we are living through a very serious situation where the coronavirus aka Covid-19 is doing it’s best to make people very ill. We all have the responsibility to help ourselves and others be safe and healthy.

To stay safe we wash our hands well, put on a mask, sanitize, and stay 6 feet apart from others. (social or physical distancing) Please only associate within your personal family bubble (people living with you) and do not have anyone over.

You may be thinking the virus has stolen a full year of our lives, but you can not let it win. Please take the BC provincial orders from Dr Bonnie Henry seriously and do not go anywhere or do anything non-essential. (Only do what you need to survive, like get food to eat, buy toilet paper, and fill prescriptions)

It is important to note that some people with disabilities can not wear masks, so they should wear a face shield if possible. If they cannot wear anything on their face it is advised for them to stay home and let a caretaker help them who can wear a mask.

My secrets to surviving the pandemic are to watch a good movie or tv series, (Comedy is good to ease stress) take a calming bath or shower, get lots of exercise to help you feel your best, and eat healthy so your immune system can be at it strongest.

It is also a good idea to deep breath if you are feeling overwhelmed by COVID-19.  Remember it is safest to spend as much time as possible outdoors since you are safer out in the fresh air. You could also create a painting, drawing, scrapbook or write in a journal to commemorate and remember 2020!

The end of all of this is near, so please stay safe, and take all of these precautions seriously until we are vaccinated and can live normal lives again. Everyone is doing a great job masking-up, distancing, and staying positive.

This is not forever it’s just for now.

Merry Christmas 2020 to one and all!

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