BC People First believes that Plain language is a human right. Everybody needs equal access to information, and sometimes things are written in a way not everybody can understand, especially those people who are labelled with Developmental Disabilities.
Plain Language is easy to read, easy to understand, and easy to use. If the language you are using in your organization, business, etc is not in plain language WE ARE HERE TO HELP!
BCPF maintains a Plain Language Translation Committee which can be hired to translate all kinds of information into easier to understand language. This work is done by a team of Self Advocates, with the help of an advisor.

We charge a very reasonable amount, based on the length and difficultly of the translations.
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BCPF is proud to offer many different workshops and presentations, all given by self advocates across the province in their communities.

For booking information on any of the presentations below please email us at:

The Language Project: This is our significant and high priority workshop presentation that we feel needs to be in all schools and groups across the province of BC, and it is FREE to book! Please learn more about it by

clicking here: The Language Project

INTRODUCTION TO BC PEOPLE FIRST: This approx. 20 minute presentation outlines a brief history of the People First movement, what we do and how to get involved. It is an ideal presentation for groups of self advocates, and support staff.

THE RIGHTS GAME: This workshop is a fun interactive game that really gets you thinking about what are rights really are! This workshop is excellent for staff and self advocate learning, and has been very popular at conferences across the province.

NAVIGATING THE MEDICAL SYSTEM: In this 45 minute presentation, self advocates will learn about some of the things they can expect to encounter when navigating the medical system, as well as strategies to make the experience less stressful and more empowering.

WHAT INCLUSIVE HOUSING MEANS TO US: This workshop is designed to educate people who work in city planning, housing developers, non profit housing co-operatives, but is also important information for self advocates and staff learning. In this 1 hour presentation, there are personal stories, the important history of BCPF’S advocacy to end institutionalized living for persons with developmental disabilities and a message that “home” means the same to everyone…regardless of the labels they are given.

AN INTRODUCTION TO BC PEOPLE FIRST: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: This 40 minute presentation offers BOTH an education on the BCPF movement, as well as a brief focus on very important human rights. It educates all people on the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities with a focus on 3 key rights, Respect for the Home, Work, and Accessibility. *note, this workshop can be tailored to suit specific rights education*

MEMBERS INSPIRATIONAL JOURNEY PRESENTATIONS: Our membership is made up of some very hardworking and inspirational people. Some of them are passionate public speakers and have presentations on topics such as Inclusive employment, their journey to leadership as a self advocate, Passion to Purpose (An employment workshop offered by Director David Johnston) and more.

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