As an animal liberation rights activist, we are standing up for the underdogs. Which is why speaking up for those with a disability, who are also underdogs, is so important to me.

Hi, my name is Elisa Paczos, I’m 21. I’ve received the diagnosis of autism at 11; and anxiety, depression, and OCD, when I was 12. In other words, this has been something I’ve been struggling with all my life.

In my presentation, I will focus on being an inspiration to those with a disability. I will be discussing why people with disabilities should and can work. My goal is to empower my audience to go for their dreams despite being told no.

Elisa’s fee is minimum $100/hr. To book Elisa for your event, please contact Olena Guseva at 604-928-4085; OR, Jessica Humphrey

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