1897026_10152382214783262_7254234530221086215_nMy name is Tara Torme and I live in Vancouver BC.

It is important to me to bring as much awareness as possible to Asperger Syndrome.

Because too many people have views that we are more disabled than we really are.

We are not given the chance to prove ourselves.

People hear the word ‘Asperger Syndrome’ and ‘Autism’ and they think the worst outcomes for us –

rather than just a different way of viewing the world.

Asperger Syndrome Education and Awareness
Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Right’s of Person’s with a Disability

is about raising awareness and combating stereotypes and prejudices about people with disabilities.

My presentation is about promoting the positivity of those with disabilities on many levels.

It’s about people with ASD being treated as equals and given the same opportunities as everyone else.

I talk about my experience having Asperger Syndrome and around the medical health professionals.
I have a variety of presentations and would love to present to police, first responders, psychiatrists

and other medical professionals.
Tara’s fee is a minimum $100/hour plus travel expenses.

To inquire about or hire Tara contact: email:tktorme@yahoo.ca


Here is some recent Videos Tara has Presented too

Tara was part of an open mike on Wednesday October 26, 2016 at

New Westminster Public Library.

read another one of my new poems.

And I also volunteered to help out with the raffle at the event.


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