wai hung ma
Breaking Limitations

Wai epitomizes the philosophy of “breaking limitations” and is an inspiration and model for many.

Wai has succeeded in producing his own unique and thought provoking study of what makes Wai run!

It is facing up to the challenges of life and choosing to master them rather than letting them beat you down.

The simple language in which he states this conviction is its own eloquence. From a profound depression in which he felt helpless to defeat the

twin scourges of multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy he has developed a positive philosophy by which he has changed from being helpless to getting more from life.

It becomes a matter of risk: “…as you take more risk, you will fail from time to time, but your failures will lead to success, and you will live life fully.”

Wai also believes and says, “You have the power to choose the kind of energy that you wish to attract into your life.

Positive energy is the result of positive thoughts .You have the power to choose.”

waiAbout Wai

Wai is a man who continually lives his life by Breaking Limitations. He is an aspiring entrepreneur and professional speaker.

Despite being born with cerebral palsy, which is a disorder usually caused by braindamage occurring at or before birth and marked by muscular impairment.

Cerebral palsy is often accompanied by poor coordination which can lead to speech and learning difficulties.

Wai has chosen a career in speaking when there was a time in his past when many doubted he would ever be able to even communicate clearly.

Wai is surrounded by a great support structure of family and friends who are inspired by his attitude and determination to make a difference in others’ lives by sharing his experience.


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“Wai Ma is a talented and passionate speaker.

His story of resilience and personal strength is impactful and meaningful for all types of audiences.

Learn how to transfer negative experiences into empowered goals by listening to Wai Ma speak.”
Karen Newman, Regional Employment Coordinator. Community Living B.C

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