The Fraser Valley Self Advocacy Network would like to thank the following people and groups for responding to our What We Need From You list:

  • posAbilities    Formally Mainstream Society for Community Living  involvement in helping start up
  • H.O.M.E.S. Society for supporting self advocates to attend the Edenvale Retreats to get our website started

  • Executive Director Steve Thiessen and the Mennonite Central Committee for donating their Boardroom for the monthly meetings of the Abbotsford Self Advocacy Group

  • Executive Director Dawn Hines and the Mission Association for Community Living for donating paper, photocopying, and office supplies for the Mission Self Advocacy Group

  • Chilliwack Society for Community Living for donating space and staff to support the Chilliwack People First Self Advocacy Group

  • Executive Director Richard Ashton and the M.S.A. Society for donating refreshments to the Abbotsford Self Advocacy Group meetings and the use of their barn for the upcoming Auction Fundraiser on December 1, 2001

  • Cam Dore  for believing in self advocates and helping us to get SelfAdvocateNet up and running on the “Information Highway”

  • MSDES for donating a large grant to support the work of SelfAdvocateNet and getting it up and running

  • Arlene Schouten for her support at all our meetings and being a true friend

  • Edenvale Retreat and Conference Centre for making self advocates feel like they have another home away from home when we have our Retreats and for offering job training by working on their farm

  • Jeff Sohy for all his time making the buttons and brochures for our website

  • Gregg Schiller for being our advisor and friend by supporting self advocates to get their dreams and ideas up on the Internet so the world can see what we can do

  • The community for supporting our goals over this past year

  • The Abbotsford Kiwanis Group

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