Thanx for Self-Advocates Day
Hello. I would like to give thanx for our
self-advocates day at Sevenoaks Alliance Church
last week. Thanx to all those who organized the
days events. Thanx to all of those who came to
conduct our workshops in the morning. Thanx to
Linda Perry for giving us a speech on the changes
happening with McFamily Development. Thanx to
Worship (I don’t worship him) Clinton Hanes for
giving us a speech on government and how to go
about approaching them on our issues. Thanx to
Greggory Schiller for the two pieces he played for
us on the piano that morning. Thanx to all those
folks who came out to participate in our
self-advocates day. And last, but not least,
thanx to all those who helped set up and clean up
on that day. The set up crew and clean up crew do
not usually get all the credit they deserve, I
think. Thanx.

James Graham.

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