by Jeff Stackhouse


Have you ever heard of an anonymous art show?


It is a very simple idea.


Every artist signs the back of their paintings and no one gets to know whom the artist is until the painting finally sells! There is a lot of suspense and it is fun for the audience, artist and buyer when the artist’s identity is finally revealed.


I am one of the artists in the first annual Abbotsford Anonymous Art Show and am super excited to share with everyone how great opening night was and to let you know how hard it was not to let the secret slip as to which piece of art I had created.


Everyone had fun guessing which artist did which 12 x 12 inch painting and many laughs and questions filled the gallery atmosphere throughout the 2-hour gala opening.


Alongside the art show, there was also a live concert and a craft market running from 6 to 8pm. We also had lots of great food, cheese, wine and desserts.


The music was provided by the talented Abbotsford country singer- songwriter Kristal Barret. She sang all her hits including “High on Life” from her 2007 debut album. She also ended the night singing a tribute she wrote for her Mom called “Thank You”, a tremendously beautiful song.


The craft market was full of great paintings, beads, postcards and photographs. There was even pizza and hamburgers for sale for anyone who wished to enjoy a meal with the concert, art market and show.


The gallery sold 5 paintings on the opening day and are now on track to sell all 150 paintings by July 22nd. All paintings are just $100 each, and all proceeds go to charity. (Half to the artists, half to the non-profit Abbotsford Arts Council organization)


Every-time a work sells the artist is revealed on Facebook and Twitter. Simply follow @abbyartscouncil or check Abbotsford Arts Council on Facebook to keep up to date as each artist’s work sells and is revealed.


“The Anonymous Art Show” is on now at the Kariton Art Gallery in Abbotsford, on beautiful Mill Lake, only until July 22nd 2014.

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