Carbon Tax/Climate Change

On the 1st of January, Conservative Andrew Scheer as reported by the National Post, says Carbon Tax will sky rocket if Trudeau Re-elected. Canada is known for being a Carbon Neutral Country. That means that for every carbon emission, we restock our natural resource in return by planting trees for example. Carbon Tax would help to curve the damage done to our environment and clean air and energy by finding easier and safer ways to keep people employed by shifting skills into more effective Green Means for electricity, gas and oil changing over to electric cars and lowered taxation across the board, a far stretch but a possible goal. Keeping global warming discussed will create change. Be that change.

My New Years Take

This past year has seen significant changes in many areas of our economy and livelihood in areas such as PWD (Getting a Raise) Public Housing (Locally we created low income housing access for folks with Diverseabilities and we made our voices heard in the change of public transportation both locally and across the Province. CLBC helped create and fund Welcome Workshops throughout the Island and mainland with each perspective voice being heard on Presenter groups of 3/4. (A Family Member, a CLBC Facilitator & Analyst and Self Advocate. The Indigenous Advisory Committee and Inclusion BC Self Advocate Committee are in full swing for 2019 and I look forward to reporting back on what’s to come as we start fresh and ready to go!

Self Advocacy in 2019

2019 will be a fresh and rejuvenated year for Self Advocates in the Comox Valley as well as our fellow Advocates across the Island and Mainland. With the recent success of the CLBC Welcome Workshops although just fresh, each group has done well in sharing providing and teaching, always learning as we go. The Indigenous Advisory Committee out of Vancouver helped in continued support and addressing what needs to be done for our Youth and Caregivers of these families both on and off Reserve. Out of Inclusion BC the Self Advocacy Committee for the Province is starting up on the 17th of this month. This revitalized feeling and outlook for my position in this line of work really jump started here at home with Wendy Hawksworth presenting the 1st ever Mission: Inclusion Conference which showcased not only the issues and concerns needed to be addressed in the future but also in highlighting other organizations professional elite in employers and those employed or looking to be. People with Diverseabilities really make each day happen and I’m thrilled to be in the position I am to not only be my best but to acknowledge the best and to always learn & grow as friends, colleagues and most important family.

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