indexMy name is Tawnya Jones and I am a client at Garth Homer Society in Victoria, BC.

I am in the Community Access Team (CAT).

We go out five days a week helping out in the community.

We do lots of recycling and then donate the money to Positively Africa.

The kids in Africa really benefit from this project.

Since I was little Christmas has been my favourite time of year.

I love being with family and friends and celebrating Christmas.

In Victoria there are so many things to do and see during Christmas time.

For example, there are the trees at the Empress Hotel (this year at the Bay Centre), the bears dressed up at a hotel, and the gingerbread house at the Laurel Point Inn. My favourite activity is to sing carols.

In CAT we have a Christmas party every year. It’s lots of fun.

We decorated our door this year with a Christmas tree on the door and a fireplace. It makes me feel cozy.
large_the-magic-of-christmas-titleI believe Christmas is not just about presents.

It is also about those in need. So, if you see someone who is hungry, give them something that will fill them up.

If you see someone who is sad, ask them if they want to talk about it.

So let’s make a difference. It may not seem that it is possible, but anything is possible at Christmas!
I hope your Christmas is filled with joy and happiness.

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