We were shocked and saddened to hear of the loss of Cathy Grant. Cathy has been involved with the Self Advocate site for many years and more recently contributed a variety of articles. We wish her family and friends the best and send our condolences. She will be missed by the Diversability Community. Cathy never let her challenges get in her way and we will always be grateful for her contributions to our site and to Self Advocates in general. Cathy was an amazing example to all of us. Her articles were full of humor and hope for the future. She also wrote and sold ebooks on Amazon. See this link for her ebooks. You can find Cathy’s monthly column at the following link.

From Facebook.

Thora Rogers shared a photo to Cathy Grant‘s timeline. February 10 at 7:31 PM

I know how hard it is to hear someone has passed when you didn’t even know they were sick in the first place.. Cathy had a very benign sounding cold and light cough for about a week up until she felt more flu-like around Wednesday, January 30th. By Friday, she could hardly talk, and had become quite sick. When one of her careworkers came on shift, the careworker took one look at Cathy and called 911. By the time she hit Burnaby General Emergency ward, her oxygen levels were way down, her blood pressure also way down and she had a high fever. The staff in the ER were not sure she would get the through the night. However, Cathy was still fighting fiercly. (Being inseparable, her best friend of 33 years, Ed. had already been in the very same hospital for about a week before Cathy arrived. Ed is now home and missing his best friend terribly, still recovering himself from bronchitis and other issues I am sure you will all hold both Cathy and Ed in your hearts. ALSO, we want to thank all the staff, doctors, nurses etc at Burnaby General Hospital for their tireless, compassionate care they gave both Cathy and Ed.

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we come up with a date in the future for a Celebration of life” for Cathy. We will post the information at that time.

Thank you all ! xoxo♥️

Rest in Peace dear Cathy.

You can see her articles below.


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