20151129_134022-1-1My name is Cliff Stacey.

This is a story about my experience living in home share.

First a little bit about me. I was born in Prince George BC.

My family and I moved to Vancouver when I was about 6.I went to a special school in Vancouver.

When I turned 19 I moved into a group home called to Beaver Lodge in Oliver, BC, and then into a group home in Kamloops.

It was terrible living in a group home. I was forced to take drugs I didn’t want to take. I had no control. The staff were the boss.

I lived in group homes for 8 years. Then I moved to Langley to live with my brother and his family. I liked living with my brother.

I had my freedom and could come and go anytime. After living with my brother I moved into my own place.

I met Terry at a dance and we moved in together. That’s when my daughter was born.

We lived as a family for about 12 years and then we separated. But I am still a big part of my daughter’s life.
I lived on my own again until I was 61. Then my health issues were getting to me and so I went to Community Living Society for help.

They set me up to live in home share. Home share is when you move in and live with a caregiver.
My caregiver’s name is Bree. Bree has been there for me. She makes sure I take my pills on time. She was there when I had chicken pox.

Bree makes me feel young. I like the place. We share her condo in Port Coquitlam. I have all my stuff here and it feels like my own home.

Bree and I do things together like go to the movies and baseball games.We share chores and she helps me remember to do what I need to do.If we don’t agree about something we talk it over.
Bree and her whole family, like her parents and grandma and brothers, they all like me and accept my disability.

It feels different to be part of another family, but I really like being part of something new with good people.


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