(V.I.S.A. Caf-eh)


shawnHi!  I’m the Comox Valley Self Advocate Liaison, Sherwin Strong.

I’d like to tell you about a new group forming on Vancouver Island.
Vancouver Island Self Advocate Caf-eh is a group that is comprised of fellow People with Diverseabilities.

It is a group that will focus on:

  1. Community Experiences– This is about coming together to discuss what it’s like to be involved with community services.


I find it vitally important to connect with others about what experiences one goes through or may want to experience and then find ways to create possibilities around whatever that may be with support from either Vancouver Island Community Connections or fellow community services in the Comox Valley. I know for myself.

I found it very helpful to have multiple facets of support. For example, this past summer BC People First held an event in Courtenay where fellow

Self Advocates and community support workers joined together to learn about individual stories of transition, gaining employment, involvement with Community  Living BC, both current and brand new.

Opportunities such as this are what I’d like to help support for others to join and become aware of.

  1. Recreational Activities-
    This is about increasing recreational group activities. This is one of the things that is important to me and I would like to make happen in the Comox Valley.


I find that as helpful and enjoyable technology is and can be, that being able to partake in more communal activities would be great for everyone involved with V.I.S.A. Caf-eh because everyone has different likes/interest and  being able to broaden life experiences as a group is essential to an even better quality of life.

  1. Resource Management


As a Self Advocate Liaison I have been able to learn a lot from my employer and fellow co-workers at Community Connections.

Knowledge is key to building, creating and maintaining success. Members who join V.I.S.A. Caf-eh will be able to pull from a pool of resource information that will help increase involvement and connections.

I have found that everyone I have had the pleasure to meet as a Self Advocate Liaison has come through having and creating a strong level of information and resources.

Who can Join?: Self Advocates, Persons with Diverseabilities, Parents, Community Service Providers.


For more information please email me at thesherwizzle2013@gmail.com


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